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Soft structured (SSC) or buckle carriers are a modern version of the mei tai and relies on buckles for a quick, more structured carrier.  They are one of the most widely used carriers available in the market.

  • SSCs can be used for front carries from birth and for back carries from about 5-6 months (when baby can sit unassisted).  They can be used for hip carries although can be a bit awkward in that position (with the exception of dedicated hip carry buckles).
  • If the idea of wrangling a long piece of fabric or dragging mei tai straps around doesn’t appeal to you, you’d probably love a SSC.
  • SSCs are a good choice for outdoor activities and when out about since they are easy to get on and off without dragging on the ground.  
  • They are a bit more intuitive to use since most of us have worn a backpack of some sort.  You have to try pretty hard to get an unsafe carry in buckles.
  • While some SSCs do have features such as infant harnesses or inserts or adjustable width seats that make them newborn friendly, newborns will need to be worn “legs in” in most SSCs.  Some newborns decide they don’t like this position before they are large enough to go legs out.
  • SSC's cannot, in general, be used for high back carries.  This means baby will sit lower on your back and may not be able to see over your shoulder.  Because of this, babies who can not yet sit on their own should not be worn in a back carry in an SSC in order to make sure they are not slumping and compromising their airway.
  • That said, many find SSCs easier to back carry in since you don’t have to tie anything.
  • Many find SSCs the most convenient carrier for children who are walking as they make for “quick ups and downs.


There is never a one size fits all answer.  Some people have minimal needs and prefer a low cost option without all the bells and whistles, others want all the features included.   We only choose carriers with a good reputation for comfort, so next step is to ensure it is one that will fit both you and your baby and has the features you need.  The following chart will help guide you in your decision.

NameFrom BirthWeight RangeTypes of CarriesInclusionsWaist Band FitCross Strap OptionsAdjustable Height/WidthBody LengthWidth
Ergobaby OriginalYes - infant insert required (purchased separately)3.15 - 20 kgFront, Back, HipSleeping Hood, Small pocket66 - 140 cmNoNo36 cm37 cm
ManducaYes - infant insert included3.15 - 20 kgFront, Back, HipSleeping Hood, Pocket66 - 140 cmYes

Adjustable Height

Width adjustment (optional extra)

33 cm - 41 cm32 cm
Moby GoNo (approx 6 months)7.2 - 20 kgFront, BackSleeping Hood and Pocket (excludes Barberry)66 - 137 cmYesNo45 cm37 cm
Moby ComfortYes - infant insert included3.15 - 20 kgFront, Back, HipSleeping Hood, Pocket tbc, tbcYes4 width adjustments
/ toddler length extension optional extra
Moby AriaYes - infant insert included3.15 - 20 kgFront, Back, HipSleeping Hood, Pocket tbc, teething pads, mesh panel, toddler extensiontbcYes

4 width adjustments

 / toddler length extension included.

TwinGoYes4.5 kg to 18 kg (per carrier)

32 kg combined weight subject to physicians approval
Front, Back Hip (attachment carrier)
Front, Back (base carrier)
Large pockets and Sleeping Hoods on both carriersSingle carrier  (51 - 127 cm)
dual carrier (68.5 - 152 cm)
Yes (attachment carrier only)No34.5 cm35.5
Tula BabyYes - infant insert required (purchased separately)7.2 kg - 20 kg (smaller infants use infant insert)Front, BackSleeping Hood68.5 - 150 cmOptional extraNo37 cm37 cm
Tula ToddlerNo11.5 kg - 23 kgFront, BackSleeping Hood68.5 - 150 cmNoNo45.5 cm48 cm
Patapum BabyNo (5-6 months plus)6 - 14 kgFront, BackSleeping Hood72 cm - 114 cmNoNo33 cm33 cm
Patapum ToddlerNoApprox 18 months up to 18 kgFront, BackSleeping Hood72 cm - 114 cmNNo 41 cm33 cm

    Patapum Baby Carrier - Red - v3.0

    Patapum Baby Carrier - Red - v3.0

    The ergonomic Patapum Baby Carrier is one of the most economical front & back baby car..

    $80.00 $135.00

    Tula Baby Carrier - Coast Overcast

    Tula Baby Carrier - Coast Overcast

    Tula Coast Overcast features light gray canvas and mesh. This neutral Tula Coast carrier perfectly s..

    $199.00 $249.00

    Tula Baby Carrier - Vivian

    Tula Baby Carrier - Vivian

    Benefits of Tula carriers: Front and back carry • From 7kg – 20kg • Can ..

    $199.00 $249.00

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