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MOBY GO for children 15 - 45lbs

When your child is ready to see more of their surroundings and have complete head and neck support, you're ready for the back carry. If your little one is not yet 15lbs with strong head support, use the MOBY Wrap

safety check!


When fastening all buckles, feed the hook end completely through the safety elastic. This is very important; the safety elastic will catch the buckle end if it were to come undone, stopping it from opening completely

MOBY How-to: GO Back Carry, Step 1

1 GET READY Wrap the waist belt around you and thread hook end of buckle through the safety elastic. Fasten buckle and listen for CLICK. Bring one shoulder strap across chest and then through safety elastic. Buckle and listen forCLICK

MOBY How-to: GO Back Carry, Step 2

2 Have a friend carefully place baby into the body of the GO carrier. Baby's legs should come out of the lower side openings and hug your back

MOBY How-to: GO Back Carry, Step 4

4 Pull shoulder strap ends forward to adjust them as needed. Make sure baby is comfortable, close to your body and not slumping. You are adjusted too tight if baby is unable to move arms with no room between baby & wearer.

MOBY How-to: GO Back Carry, Step 5

Before you GO, have a safety check

GO Safety Checks

It is always important to perform your safety checks each time you put on the GO and periodically throughout the day.

MOBY GO safety check, Child's chin is off chst